Who We Work With

Pre-retirees & Retirees
(Families or Individuals)

Your focus has shifted from supporting your family and building your career, and now you’re looking forward to retirement. However, as you get closer to the day you walk away from your career, you can’t help but feel a little bit nervous.


After all, you’ve spent a long time building a career you love! What will happen when you leave it behind for this new chapter?


The truth is, your definition of retirement may be different than what people commonly think of. The good news is that you have many options available to you. You can continue to work part-time, stop working altogether, enjoy financial independence, or pursue items on your bucket-list. 


The Mainstreet team can help you to define your ideal retirement, and create a Money Roadmap to get you where you want to be. We’ll help you build a plan for creating income during retirement, and continuing to invest in a way that sustains your lifestyle.   


You worked hard and you earned it! Now, with our Money Roadmap and Navigation Support services, you can ensure that you’re able to live the retirement you’ve always imagined.


Common concerns include:


  • Am I on track? How do I know?
  • When can I retire?
  • How much should I still be saving for retirement?
  • My job is really stressful, am I okay to switch to a less stressful job?
  • When do I take social security?
  • How do I balance paying off debt and saving for retirement?
  • How should I set my Spending Plan for expenses in retirement?
  • How should I invest in my portfolio?
  • How much can I withdraw from the portfolio?
  • How can I help my aging parents?
  • Do I need additional insurance such as long term care insurance?

Age 53/57 married, empty nesters, with two children launched (ages 31 & 27).


They are expecting their first grandchild to arrive in 6 months.


Bailey is a retired military officer who is now a defense consultant and TJ is a CFO for a small tech startup.

Meet Bailey & TJ

Their concerns: 


  • Bailey and TJ are empty nesters, now focused on figuring out what to do with their life, since both children are now out of their nest. 
  • They’ve both had long careers in their fields and are ready to start looking at the next phase of their life. How long would they have to work and save so they can retire comfortably? 
  • How much more can they save in the next few years?
  • TJ’s job is really stressful, is he okay to switch to a less stressful job?
  • Bailey could retire at 52 and started collecting her pension. Should she look for part time job?
  • When should they start collecting social security in retirement?
  • How will medical insurance work in retirement, since Bailey has military benefits (Tricare)
  • How should they structure their portfolio to provide most income?
  • When should they start tapping into their portfolio for distributions?
  • They also want to help save for a new grandchild college fund.
  • They plan to live abroad 3 to 5 months per year when TJ turns 60. How much should their budget be for this expense?
  • They still have a mortgage balance on their primary residence. How fast can they pay it off?
  • They are looking to set up a Spending plan for retirement that doesn’t limit them, but rather provides an idea of where everything is at and keeps them in line.
  • TJ is worried about his aging mom, who is 85. He thinks he might need to provide care to her in the future.


Our Solution: 


Bailey and TJ would benefit from a full comprehensive Money Roadmap to help them put all of the above-presented puzzles together, gain confidence, and feel empowered about their money as well as Navigation Support assistance to make sure their goals are met over time.


  • First, we spend a session on quantifying and mapping out their financial goals a priority sequence. What does retirement look like? Would they stay in the same house with a mortgage or downsize?
  • We assist in developing a Spending Plan so they can get a handle on income, expenses as well as how much they can save.
  • We will also look at Bailey and TJ’s cash flows and analyze the effects of a change in income and savings to their overall plan to determine how changing jobs affects their goals. With this, they can feel confident knowing what they need to save to retire on track and allow TJ to have a more fulfilling work life with less stress. 
  • We will also analyze the expected cash inflows from pensions and the military benefits they both can access during retirement and determine how much more is needed to meet their living expenses in retirement.
  • This also helps us determine how much they can contribute to education or helping with costs caring  for TJ’s mother.
  • Considering all these factors, we determine what needs to happen in order to meet these goals, be it extra saving, working longer or Bailey and TJ are on a good path. 
  • We model alternative outcomes in sophisticated planning software and produce both an optimistic and pessimistic view that both result in an acceptable outcome, but sometimes at different spending levels in retirement. 
  • These two Money Roadmap scenarios provide a map to track their progress in semi-annual Navigation Support sessions that help them navigate their way to success and avoid potential costly mistakes.


The Result: Bailey and TJ will have a clearer understanding of their income needs in retirement, their savings ability right now, and what other things they need to do from this point forward to assist their family while still meeting their retirement needs.