Daily Juice 057 – Money Moves in your 20s

Daily Juice 057 – Money Moves in your 20s

Tip 010: Increase your skills

Tip #10 Increase your skills

1. Get a sales job.

Sales skills are not taught in high school or college, yet, so much of what we do in life depends on our ability to talk, communicate, promote and persuade other people.

I wish I understood this much earlier in my life.

Grant Cardone, one of my favorite authors and sales trainers has an awesome program. http://cardoneuniversity.com/

And also, Sell or be Sold book, is a great way to start.

2.  Learn how to speak publicly, confidently

Some people are just born with a booming voice that projects, hands that never shake and speaking skills that could rival Obama. And those people are incredibly, incredibly lucky. But if there’s one thing you can practice, over and over again, it’s the confidence to stand up in front of a group of people, and speak your mind, eloquently, slowly and with no “um” and “like” verbal fillers.

Toastmasters has been an incredible organization, which helped me to become a better speaker and leader. I highly, highly recommend it.


When you have a chance to speak, even if you know you’ll bomb it, do it. Raise your hand and fake it until you make it. Every time you do it, you’ll get better.  Pretty soon you’ll literally be TedTalk status!

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Anna Sergunina
Anna Sergunina

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