Money Date – Is Variable Income Killing Your Finances?

variable income

Money Date – Is Variable Income Killing Your Finances?

What is the Money Date?

A weekly time to check in.

Is variable income killing your finances?

Variable income presents an opportunity, don’t be scared of it!

I made a huge change and moved to CA and my husband left his steady paycheck job to be a real estate agent as we moved to San Fransisco.

We had to step back and understand how much income we had each month and figure out our system.

Our Money Dates were critical to stay on track.

Identify your baseline, how much do you need to live on? You can adjust your variable expensive as you have a lower income month.

Know those numbers! Communicate about them every week! Have your Money Date!

Strive for variable income! It gives you the chance to grow! Take the leap of faith!

How do you manage your variable income?


Anna Sergunina
Anna Sergunina

I passionately believe that in order to live a life of fulfillment and joy, we must genuinely serve each other in any way possible. I found my mission in life to serve others via financial planning. Anna regularly writes about personal finance. Her work appears on Business Insider, Nasdaq, Nerdwallet, among others. Anna is the creator of Money Flow system.

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