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What We Do

When we look at our lives, every decision we make on a daily basis has an impact on our finances, no matter how you slice it and dice it. Why should we guess at those decisions and make mistakes? We all deserve the best guidance!!!

Our mission as fee-only financial planners at MainStreet Financial Planning is to help our clients make Smart Financial Decisions!

To be:

Their helping hand…

Their mentor…

Their supporter…

Their cheerleader…

Their shoulder to cry on…

Their ear…

Their advocate…

And whatever else they need to help them reach their fullest potential!
We only get one shot at this, so let’s work together to help our clients make Smart Financial Decisions!

No commissions
MainStreet Financial Planning advisors are fee-only, hourly or project based advisors

No Minimums
We don’t discriminate and believe everyone deserves objective financial planning guidance, regardless of assets, income, age or gender

No sales of products
Our advisors don’t sell financial products, e.g., insurance or mutual funds

CFP® Standard
Our advisors hold the recognized standard of excellence, education & experience

Always put client’s interest first

About MSFP

At MainStreet Financial Planning, a bi-coastal project based, fee-only financial planning firm with 5 offices in Maryland, Washington DC, NYC, SoCal & NorCal we service a diverse population of clients by providing:
  • For Individuals & Family

    • Holistic financial planning packages
    • Quick Start & Hourly sessions
    • Monitoring, review & ongoing services

  • For Businesses

    • Money@Work - financial wellness program for employees
    • Employer’s retirement plan investment recommendations & provider selection assistance

  • Informative content

    We produce interesting and informative personal finance content for everyone:
    • Articles
    • Podcast
    • 3 video shows
    • Online courses

Our team of passionate, caring and big-hearted team members are always strives to better service our clients and lead our industry to the new levels of excellence, where financial planning is NOT just about managing investments or selling products, but rather helping our clients reach their fullest potential.

We as a team live for the moments when our clients reach their goals, give us hugs and remind us that “Miracle worker ain’t an an official job title.” (source,

Our Story

MainStreet Financial Planning, Inc., an independent fee-only financial planning firm was founded in Maryland in 2002 by Jim Ludwick, CFP® who passionately believed that financial planning advice should be accessible to people from all walks of life without product sales and investment management services.

In 2006 Anna Sergunina, CFP® joined the team and together they grew MainStreet Financial to a nationally recognized company, with a team of 6 staff members and 5 offices across the country.

In December of 2013, Jim Ludwick & Anna Sergunina executed a succession plan and Anna became the first Garrett Planning Network Advisor to successfully purchase 100% of a mature practice. Her long-term goal is to grow MainStreet into a household brand for financial planning.

The work that we do is highly rewarding on both a personal and professional levels. Our goals at MainStreet are for all of our team members to be challenged, to grow, and to utilize their strengths, abilities and talents to reach their highest potential.


Fiduciary to our clients. Accountable to our teammates.

We work hard to make a difference in our clients’ lives.

We achieve excellence when we work together. We serve clients as a team.

For the business and for ourselves as individuals.

For our employees and to serve our clients when they need us.

Why Join Our Team

  • 1. Handle With Care

    • If you are passionate, positive, enthusiastic and “live” to serve others you are at the right place.
    • We only recruit individuals who are highly motivated, extremely talented, competent, patient and independent.

  • 2. The world is your playground

    • We have 5 offices (Odenton, MD; Washington DC; NYC; Santa Barbara, CA & San Francisco, CA); take your pick, however most of us work remotely.
    • We don’t wear suits (unless you love to).
    • We don’t punch the clock, but we cover 2 coasts (east & west).
    • We work independently in highly collaborative environment to accomplish our most critical tasks & activities.

  • 3. We do what we love

    • Money isn’t the first motivator (if you’re looking for a lot of money, go sell annuities!).
    • We are deeply passionate about helping our clients make Smart Financial Decisions!
    • You will be inspired to embrace out-of-the-box thinking, work independently, collaborate and receive support from the team, sharpen your skills with the help of constructive feedback to pursue the career you never dreamed you could have.

  • 4. Cool Benefits

    • We work hard, we play hard.
    • You get to set and monitor your own schedule, however most of the team members are in synch 9am to 5pm Eastern Time zone.
    • Compensation is determined based on your unique skill set. The sky is the limit and there is no limit on your earning abilities.
    • We also offer the laundry list of standard benefits for you to pick from:
      • paid holidays & sick days
      • long-term disability plan
      • retirement plan, with a matching contribution
      • remote work
      • open vacation policy
      • health insurance plan subsidy
      • continuing education for financial planners (conferences, webinars, etc.)
      • subsidized membership to various industry associations

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