Daily Juice 062 – Make thy gold multiply

Daily Juice 062 – Make thy gold multiply

Continuing the discussion, comparison and contrast with our current lives of the universal laws of prosperity from “The Richest Man in Babylon” book by GEORGE SAMUEL CLASON, which are referred to as the “Seven Cures for the lean purse”.

Review chapter #3 in the book.

The Third Cure: Make thy gold multiply

In the 3rd day of Arkads class he said: “Next, we will consider means to put thy treasure to labor and to increase. Gold in a purse is gratifying to own and satisfieth a miserly soul but earns nothing. The gold we may retain from our earnings is but the start. The earnings it will make shall build our fortunes.”

By now we’ve learned to live beneath our means and control our expenditures. And next, we need to start investing our hard earned dollars. I wouldn’t worry at this point where to invest, I propose we first make sure we have an emergency reserve in place, I call it a Curveball account (3 to 6 months of expenses) set aside.

And then, let’s discuss what your life goals are since they will require capital. Once we can identify your goals, we then can make appropriate investments.

Arkad’s lesson in this cure is to make your money work for you!

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Anna Sergunina
Anna Sergunina

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