Team Member Spotlight – Cynthia Flannigan, CFP®

Team Member Spotlight – Cynthia Flannigan, CFP®

Meet our employee spotlight of the month: Cynthia Flannigan!

Cynthia is part of the financial planning team here at Mainstreet, and we’re so lucky to have her!

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A few fun facts about Cynthia:


Favorite book or movie?
I love the book and movie “A Room with a View.” This is one of the Merchant Ivory movies based off of an E.M. Forster book. It played at the movie theater I worked at in high school, so there are parts of the movie I’ve probably seen 100’s of times. I’m drawn to pretty much any Edwardian period drama, especially if someone is brooding.

Tell us about your family:
I have one older sister, one younger sister, and a younger brother, and used to feel very much the middle child I am! Of course, I also have my dad. We’ve become so much closer after my mom died, and I’m very thankful that I’ve been able to get to know him better now. My family tends to be the inspiration for a lot of my articles on the website, especially lately. So many wonderful and sometimes not-so-wonderful things are happening, and I’ll always have my family’s unwavering support.

What is one item on your bucket list?
I’ve always wanted to go see the big heads (moai) on Easter Island. After seeing Stonehenge and Ardgroom in Ireland, I got on a monolith kick.

Cynthia brings tremendous knowledge to the MainStreet team in the areas of pre-retirement and retirement.


Kassy Hunt
Kassy Hunt

Kassy Hunt joined MainStreet in April of 2016. She brings over 20 years of client service experience. She began waiting tables at 16, and has been helping people in one form or another ever since. Kassy has managed both music and videogame stores, been an Associate Financial Planner, and has even overseen a pirate bar. This widely varied experience, along with growing up around the world as a Navy brat, has given Kassy the ability and the desire to get to know, and help, all kinds of people. With the help of her son (office manager) James, she keeps our advisors on track, assists our clients with scheduling, and keeps the MainStreet trains running on time. In her limited spare time, she enjoys playing with her son and two dogs, sewing, making baked goods out of pumpkins, and attending Pirate festivals with her family, as her alter ego Poppet.

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