Daily Juice 042 – Getting ready for international trip

Daily Juice 042 – Getting ready for international trip

I am getting very excited about upcoming out of the country vacation in about a week. Last night I started to think about what should be doing and how to prepare. I like to be ready ahead of time, especially when going out of the country.

Here are my top action items to work first:

1.  Determine what kind of cell phone connection and data plan we can have. I use Verizon and their international calling plan is a bit pricey. In the past, I’ve rented hot spots with unlimited Wi-Fi when traveling in Europe, which was great for calling. I also learned the hard way about not using public Wi-Fi, while abroad, as they are not secure. Since, then I’ve been a big fan of Cloak.com, which allows me to create my own virtual private network, anywhere I go.

2.  Chose what form of payments to use for various expenses, cash and or credit cards. I have a few credit cards that don’t have foreign transaction fees. I also need to notify credit card company about upcoming travel to make sure they don’t block the card when I go to use it.

Got any cool travel tips for me?

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Anna Sergunina
Anna Sergunina

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