Webinar – Doing Your Own Taxes: Pros and Cons

Doing your Own Taxes

Webinar – Doing Your Own Taxes: Pros and Cons

Doing Your Own Taxes: Pros and Cons

It’s a decision you have to make every year: should I do my own taxes or not? Should I hire someone? Purchase a software program for help? Or do I do it the old-fashioned way?

Any choice you make carries with it different time and money considerations. But the right strategy for you may be very different than it is for someone else. The complexity of your taxes, how comfortable you are with your finances, and even recent changes to tax laws all play a factor.

Join MainStreet Financial Planning Founder Jim Ludwick, CFP® for a discussion of different considerations for doing your own taxes or working with a professional. As part of his presentation, Jim reviews some of the factors you should consider on an annual basis, including a decision tree for making your tax preparation choices for this year.

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MainStreet Financial Planning webinars are available to all Continuous Service Clients and Money@Work clients. This event is being made available to former clients and prospects. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask live questions after the presentation.

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