Chalk Talk: The State of the Insurance Industry aka Will My Insurance Company Cancel My Homeowner’s Policy

Chalk Talk: The State of the Insurance Industry aka Will My Insurance Company Cancel My Homeowner’s Policy

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The State of the Insurance Industry

Hosted by: Cynthia Flannigan, CFP®

Guest commentator: Ramona Johanneson
Arthur J Gallagher Risk Management

Given the natural disasters affecting many states, consolidation of insurance companies and astronomical rate increases, if you haven’t had issues being renewed for your insurance policies, you can consider yourself lucky!

Ramona Johanneson from Arthur J Gallagher Risk Management joins our Chalk Talk series to give us the state of the insurance industry, starting with our largest investment, our home. She’ll review:
• Changes in the insurance marketplace
• Alternatives if your insurance is canceled
• Steps to protect yourself so your policy is not canceled

If you’re a homeowner, you won’t want to miss this!

Ramona Johanneson is an Area Vice President/Producer handling new business for the brokerage of Arthur J Gallagher Risk Management. Ramona’s expertise is personal insurance and she has been a producer for over 30 years. Arthur J Gallagher Risk Management is one of the largest insurance and risk management firms worldwide, giving Ramona nearly unlimited access to both preferred and non-preferred insurance companies.

Ramona’s goal is to be an asset to financial advisors and their clients, providing personal insurance expert analysis and continual up-to-date marketplace education on various insurance related topics. The in-depth reviews and recommendations that Ramona provides, allow a financial advisor and their clients to know if the personal insurance is adequate, in terms of both product and pricing. In addition, knowing if there are gaps in coverage, especially in regards to the insured value of the home, valuables that need protecting, the peril of earthquake and a proper umbrella limit.

If Ramona’s analysis of a client’s current insurance determines that there are inadequacies, Ramona will advise if there is an alternative insurer who can better meet the needs of the client and provide quotations for a personal insurance program tailored to the client. If there is not an alternative insurer, Ramona will prepare a detailed summary of recommendations that the client can take to their insurance agent for discussion.

To reach Ramona Johanneson, her contact information is:
Ramona Johanneson
Area Vice President
Arthur J Gallagher Risk Management Services
415-493-2502 Direct

Cynthia Flannigan
Cynthia Flannigan

Cynthia made the shift to financial planning to guide clients through making good financial decisions through both grim and exciting changes in life. More than anything, she thrives on helping people. She obtained her CFP designation in 2008 and completed a masters in financial planning and taxation at Golden Gate University.

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