Holiday Gifts: Creative and Free (almost)

Holiday Gifts: Creative and Free (almost)

As the holidays approach and the budget is thin or you just need to be creative, why not start now to find creative ideas for gifts?  These suggestions can keep on giving and demonstrate affection by being very personal.

Here’s a collection of my favorites:

·      Assemble a video collection of greetings and remembrances from family and friends of the recipient. Ask them to answer one question like, “What’s his/her greatest attribute?”

·      Take your honored guest to a free event such as a local concert, festival, or museum, to name a few events.

·      Put together a personalized cookbook that will show your special person what recipes you cherish and think they will too, some of which they may already know.

·      Write a warm letter to the recipient to accompany a book you’ve read, and book report on why they will enjoy reading it too.

·      Offer to relieve them of a chore you know they don’t like for a specific period of time like doing the dishes five days a week for a month

·      Mark up a calendar with a quote for the day. That’s 365 quotes you have to find.

·      Put together a picture montage they will cherish. Ask friends and relatives to help supply you.

·      Create a personal coupon book for five or ten car washes by hand, performed by you

·      Find out what your beneficiary wants to accomplish, but is avoiding for some reason. Offer to help them finish the task.  For example, straightening the bedroom closet, or organizing the garage.

These suggestions cost very little money or maybe no money.  These ideas do envision the creator taking a dedicated amount of time to deliver a special feeling that continues on giving because of either multiple occasions, or long lasting by sitting on the living room coffee table on display.

Jim Ludwick
Jim Ludwick

Jim Ludwick is the founder of MainStreet Financial Planning. His varied education and life experiences have enabled him to apply his knowledge and experience into useful solutions for personal financial problems. His writing and broadcasting activities allow him to help many more than just individual clients. He loves a microphone.

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