Chalk Talk – Estate Plan Do’s & Don’ts

Chalk Talk – Estate Plan Do’s & Don’ts

April 2022

This month’s topic is
Estate Plan Do’s & Don’ts

 Hosted by Anna Sergunina, CFP® and joining her as a guest commentator:

Carmen Rosas, ESQ

When you hear the words “Estate Planning” it may sound very sophisticated and only meant for the very wealthy, or something you only should be doing when you get older. It’s not true at all! It’s quite the opposite. Expressing your wishes in writing about how and what you want to be done with your possessions and how your loved ones will be taken care of, is everyone’s concern. So, why not then just put it in writing? Aka, create an Estate Plan?

In this conversation, we would like to help you get over the most common misconceptions or questions you might have about estate planning. Whether you are getting your documents done for the first time or have documents but need to update them.
Some of the topics we’ll discuss at this month’s Chalk Talk:

  • Beneficiary selection guidance
  • Guardians for minor children
  • Power of Attorney and Health Care Directives for college-aged kids
  • Why trusts are useful
  • Best practices for sharing your prepared documents with loved once’s

Each Chalk Talk is 30-45 minutes and recorded on Zoom.

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Anna Sergunina
Anna Sergunina

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