Tax Season – Live with MainStreet- EP 32

tax season

Live with MainStreet

Tax Season – Live with MainStreet- EP 32

In the February 2019 episode of Live with MainStreet covering Tax Season, Jim, Liz and Cynthia answer client questions on how the upcoming tax season.

Some of the highlights:

  • How the government shutdowns that may impact our taxes
  • What small business owners need to know during tax season
  • The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017: exploring tax mitigation strategies to take advantage of


Liz Gillette
Liz Gillette

Liz has tackled her own path to financial freedom, paying off student loan debt & medical bills, and consequently acquired a passion for empowering other women and men to transform their fiscal lives. Her aspiration is to bring clarity and simplicity to personal finance while aligning clients’ unique personal values to their spending.

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