5 Money Saving Tips for a Destination Wedding

5 Money Saving Tips for a Destination Wedding

My sister is getting married this fall to the love of her life, and I am so excited to celebrate them! As she began wedding planning, she decided that a destination wedding was what they wanted and chose to get married in Mexico. As the matron of honor, I’ve learned a lot about planning a destination wedding and wanted to share a few tips that could help you or a friend or family member who is planning or considering a destination wedding.

  1. Plan Early

Planning early is essential for any wedding, but it’s especially important for a destination wedding. Notify your family and friends as soon as possible so they can arrange time off work, update passports, and book travel. Whether you’re getting married within the US at the beach or in the mountains or somewhere outside of the US, like Mexico or Italy, give yourself at least a year to fully plan your destination wedding.

  1. Get Some Help

Using a specialist or company that focuses on destination weddings can save you time and stress. They act as a hybrid of a wedding planner and travel agent. My sister’s planning company helped secure the wedding date, coordinate a block of hotel rooms for guests at a group discount, and manage transportation from the airport to the hotel. They also handle any travel or room changes needed, making the process smoother.

  1. Choose Off-Season Dates

Opt for an off-season date to save on costs. My sister and her fiancé are getting married at the end of October, which is off-season in Mexico. This choice resulted in lower costs for flights, accommodations, and the wedding venue itself. Off-season weddings can significantly cut expenses while still providing a beautiful setting.

  1. Know the Rules

Be aware of any extra fees for bringing your own vendors. If you prefer a specific photographer or officiant over those offered by the resort, there may be additional charges for “outside vendors.” To simplify budgeting and reduce costs, many hotels offer all-inclusive packages that cover the ceremony, reception, food, and drinks.

  1. Use Travel Rewards

Leverage travel rewards and cash-back incentives to save money. This can be especially beneficial for a destination wedding, potentially saving you thousands on travel expenses. Use points for flights and accommodations to reduce overall costs.

I have the unique insight of helping my sister plan her wedding, and I’ve seen both the successes and challenges of planning a destination wedding. I hope these tips help you save money if you or a friend or family member decides to plan a destination wedding.


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Katherine Edwards
Katherine Edwards

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