How Pet Insurance Saved me $2,500

How Pet Insurance Saved me $2,500

Pet insurance is not something you may think you need but let me tell you from personal experience why you should consider getting it.

I have two golden retrievers – one 6-year-old female named Brinkley (on the left) and a two-year-old male named Brady (on the right).  Brinkley was and is an easy dog and stays out of trouble whereas her brother is a troublemaker and tends to get into absolutely everything despite my best efforts to “Brady proof” our house.

Recently, Brady started throwing up and we had to take him to the Emergency Vet–not knowing what he had gotten into this time. Because we had pet insurance, it was much easier to decide to have him x-rayed as well as monitored overnight at the hospital. When the foreign body (which turned out to be a sock) would not move and appeared to be stuck, pet insurance gave us the ability and freedom to decide to move forward with surgery which would have cost $2,500 without insurance.

There are many additional benefits to pet insurance outside of needing emergency surgery. It also often covers a lot of routine expenses. Brady’s insurance is about $50/month and covers his annual physical checkup and vaccinations as well as preventative medicines (i.e. heartworm or flea and tick) and even includes coverage for annual dental cleanings.

Pets make life much more fun and pet insurance gives me financial peace of mind so that I didn’t have to hesitate to take him to the vet out of fear of how expensive it might be. While you hopefully do not have to use pet insurance for emergency surgery as we did, it is a great way to have coverage for normal expenses that your pet has while also having the comfort of knowing that if something were to happen, you have insurance that can help cover most of those costs and potentially save you thousands of dollars!

To help you assess if pet insurance is for you, check out MainStreet’s article “Is Pet Insurance For You”

This is a helpful article that lists the Top 10 Pet Insurances and includes options that address various situations such as “Best Pet Insurance for Puppies and Kittens” as well as “Best Pet Insurance for Pre-existing conditions”

Lemonade is the one I personally use and it is listed as the “Best Pet Insurance for Fast Claims Processing” which I can vouch for and appreciated it during our experience.

Katherine Edwards
Katherine Edwards

Katherine is a Certified Financial Planner® and joined the Mainstreet team in 2022. She has a passion to help clients achieve financial peace of mind so they can not only achieve their goals but also enjoy life along the way. She has been in the industry since 2014 and received her CFP® designation through Kaplan’s program at Duke University in 2017. She enjoys helping clients create and implement a financial plan that is specific to their needs, values and goals. Katherine believes that having a comprehensive financial plan can change the trajectory of someone’s life and impact generations after them.

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