Digital Reading List

Digital Reading List

In July of 2011 I published my reading list on on my blog. It amounted to 50 digital and paper sources I frequently read and thought others might be interested see where I get many of my ideas.

Now, three years later, reflecting on my list, I’ve deleted a majority of the things I listed as reading frequently. They got old, stale or redundant. Many of the publications or applications I read now refer (or Re-Tweet) to other sources.

If you’re in the financial services industry you will identify most of my list. I suspect clients; allied professionals and the general public will not recognize several sources. If you don’t recognize a source, have a look. It could be very enlightening. As always, send us an email when you see something you like either as a question or just to get our attention.

Here’s my list:

  1. Twitter following list
  2. Yahoo Finance
  3. The White Coat Investor (blog)
  4. (free and premium subscription)
  6. The Simple Dollar (blog)
  7. Seeking Alpha (blog)
  10. (subscription paper/app)
  11. Bloomberg BusinessWeek (subscription)
  12. NewYorkTimes iPhone app and daily email summary
  13. (subscription online and paper)
  14. Vanguard Independent Adviser newsletter (subscription)
  15. Politico (iPhone app)
  17. LinkedIn and several special interest groups
  18. Facebook (yes, I know)

Happy Reading!

Jim Ludwick
Jim Ludwick

Jim Ludwick is the founder of MainStreet Financial Planning. His varied education and life experiences have enabled him to apply his knowledge and experience into useful solutions for personal financial problems. His writing and broadcasting activities allow him to help many more than just individual clients. He loves a microphone.

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