Webinar: Your Most Successful 2019

2019 financial to-do list

Webinar: Your Most Successful 2019

2019 Financial To-Do List

It’s 2019! A chance to start anew. While some of your New Year’s Resolutions may have to do with hitting the gym, eating healthier or taking up a new hobby, it’s also a great time to make sure your financial life is in order. Are you saving as much as you should? Have your financial goals changed? Did you do everything you wanted to do financially in 2018?

Join MainStreet Financial Planning Advisor Liz Gillette CFP® for a presentation on strategies to get off to the right start financially in 2019. Liz explores different beliefs about money, discusses ways to prioritize financial goals, provides you with an action plan, and best practices for tracking your progress.

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MainStreet Financial Planning webinars are available to all Continuous Service Clients and Money@Work clients. This event is being made available to former clients and prospects.

MainStreet Team
MainStreet Team

MainStreet Financial Planning, Inc., an independent fee-only financial planning firm was founded in Maryland in 2002 by Jim Ludwick, CFP® who passionately believed that financial planning advice should be accessible to people from all walks of life without product sales and investment management services. In 2006 Anna Sergunina, CFP® joined the team and together they grew MainStreet Financial to a nationally recognized company, with a team of 6 staff members and 5 offices across the country.

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