Swim With Jim – Copyright and Trademarks: Sm Bus Atty: EPW

Swim With Jim

Swim With Jim – Copyright and Trademarks: Sm Bus Atty: EPW

We’re going to be interviewing Small Business Attorney Elizabeth Potts Weinstein who recently presented a webinar on “Can I Use This Pic?” about images on the internet.

As a small business attorney, Elizabeth Potts Weinstein helps entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, and consultants find simplicity in the law, so they can get back to spending their time helping their clients and changing the world.

She helps clients:
– Get unstuck from undecided legal issues, so you can keep moving forward on what’s really important.
– Review contracts and agreements, so they protect you and are in alignment with your goals, business type, personality, and style.
– Offer a legal eye on your business situation, looking for what you “don’t know that you don’t know,” so you can avoid getting into an accidental legal mess.
– Figure out the right business structure (sole proprietor, partnership, LLC, corporation) for your needs and future plans.
– Get advice about what to do if someone is stealing your copyrights or trademarks, or what to do if you get a cease & desist letter.

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Jim Ludwick
Jim Ludwick

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