LIVE WITH MAINSTREET – EP 31 – 2019 To-Do List

2019 to-do list

Live with MainStreet

LIVE WITH MAINSTREET – EP 31 – 2019 To-Do List

In the January 2019 episode of Live with MainStreet covering a 2019 To-Do List, Jim, Liz and Cynthia answer client questions on how to start the year off the right way.

Some of the highlights:

  • Find out if its too late to make retirement contributions for prior years.
  • Hear a discussion covering main differences in tax laws between 2017 and 2018, and what to be concerned with
  • 5 smart to-do’s to do to start off 2019


Liz Gillette
Liz Gillette

Liz has tackled her own path to financial freedom, paying off student loan debt & medical bills, and consequently acquired a passion for empowering other women and men to transform their fiscal lives. Her aspiration is to bring clarity and simplicity to personal finance while aligning clients’ unique personal values to their spending.

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