Money Tip – Travel Tips

Money Tip – Travel Tips

  • Stay patient with yourself and others as we get reacclimated to this new reality
  • When looking for ways to cut cost, remember this: fail to plan = plan to fail. Avoid high ticket items like airport food and poorly planned pitstops
  • Read the fine print. Understand the cancellation policy and the exceptions in that policy. A hard lesson learned by many who purchased travel insurance for 2020 flights.
  • Be flexible. Ensure your travel dates can be moved without penalty. Consider watching the infection rate of places you’re traveling to
  • Always have cash on hand. Always.
  • Remember the sunscreen


Check out what Liz’s 4-year-old daughter packed for their most recent trip to Pennsylvania…

Liz Gillette
Liz Gillette

Liz has tackled her own path to financial freedom, paying off student loan debt & medical bills, and consequently acquired a passion for empowering other women and men to transform their fiscal lives. Her aspiration is to bring clarity and simplicity to personal finance while aligning clients’ unique personal values to their spending.

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