Live With MainStreet – Protection – EP 33


Live with MainStreet

Live With MainStreet – Protection – EP 33

In the March 2019 episode of Live with MainStreet Cynthia and Jim cover protection of finances and answer client questions about keeping your finances safe.

Some of the questions include:

  • How can I protect myself from the latest scams?
  • What do you do if you get hacked?
  • What happens if you get an email that says unless you pay $1000 in Bitcoin they are going to close down all your accounts, and they know your password which they display in the message?
  • Can you get hacking insurance?


Cynthia Flannigan
Cynthia Flannigan

Cynthia made the shift to financial planning to guide clients through making good financial decisions through both grim and exciting changes in life. More than anything, she thrives on helping people. She obtained her CFP designation in 2008 and completed a masters in financial planning and taxation at Golden Gate University.

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