Services we provide

Services we provide

Recently, fee-only colleagues were commenting online about the many services we provide as financial advisors that differentiate us from other sources of personal financial and investment advice.

picWhile flying the other day, I expanded on the list that Anna and I developed a couple of years ago. This is not totally the entire list, but we hope you will get the picture about the lengths we will go to provide as much information as possible for our clients so they can make good financial decisions.

  1. Verify homestead declaration, if available
  2. Review tax planning opportunities, annually (e.g. tax loss harvesting)
  3. Credit card review and analysis of benefits applying to their goals
  4. Review life insurance policies both group and individual
  5. Review disability insurance policies, both group and individual
  6. Review homeowner, landlord and renter’s insurance policies
  7. Review for unclaimed monies by state(s)
  8. Car buying advice
  9. Charitable gifting of appreciated securities and donor advised funds
  10. Social security retirement benefit optimization calculation
  11. Identity theft prevention techniques and review
  12. Estate planning documents review and suggestions
  13. Digital security review and suggestions
  14. Benefits review and analysis versus alternatives/maximization of benefits
  15. House calls (additional charge may apply)
  16. Document storage and sharing with authorized advisors like their attorney
  17. Home value analysis beyond by an experienced Realtor®
  18. Medicare and Medicaid planning advice
  19. Survivor assistance and advice
  20. Investment allocation review in conjunction with goal affirmation
  21. Risk Tolerance discussion
  22. Help with goal setting, including financial goals
  23. Financial Plan goal discussion including timing and risk
  24. Continuing care and nursing home review and analysis
  25. Real estate purchase/sale/ review and analysis
  26. Income property purchase/sale/exchange/management review and analysis
  27. Adult children financial review and analysis and recommendations
  28. Job offer review and analysis
  29. Job termination or buy out review and analysis
  30. Pension options review
  31. Budget/expense review and analysis
  32. Bill paying help
  33. Account opening assistance
  34. Stock option/Restricted Stock review and analysis of purchase/sale/taxes
  35. Information sharing with attorney/accountant, if authorized
  36. Roth conversion or Roth contribution or Roth 401k contribution analysis (vs. 401k contribution)
  37. Non deductible IRA contribution review and analysis (and Roth conversion)
  38. Financial Q&A via email, twitter, Google Hang Outs on Air, (live and delayed); Money and Kiplinger Personal Finance magazine subscriptions
  39. Investment management manager search and interview service
  40. Debt reduction management strategies and ongoing counseling
  41. Business purchase/sale strategies review and analysis
  42. Recommendation for CPAs, Attorneys, Realtors, Mortgage lenders., etc.
  43. Webinars on topics like social security optimization and debt reduction

Help clients sleep at night knowing they’ve done everything possible to ensure the financial future for themselves and their families.

Jim Ludwick
Jim Ludwick

Jim Ludwick is the founder of MainStreet Financial Planning. His varied education and life experiences have enabled him to apply his knowledge and experience into useful solutions for personal financial problems. His writing and broadcasting activities allow him to help many more than just individual clients. He loves a microphone.

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