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11 Apr 2017 Privacy anyone?…Not anymore!

‍It has become extremely difficult for consumers to navigate and manage the privacy of their financial and non-financial lives. The world is changing at a fast speed. Technological advancements allow us to have access to information at the tip of our fingers. But those advancements...

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10 Apr 2017 Correction is Coming?

The correction is coming, the correction is coming. Do I sound like Paul Revere announcing the British? Well, yes, that’s my intention. Now I wrote this same introduction three years ago. Not much has changed. I am saying the same thing:...

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27 Mar 2017 Goals Are Important

We are in the goal business. Helping people define, refine and achieve their financial goals. What does it take to achieve and surpass financial goals?...

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17 Mar 2017 Smart moves for your tax refund

2017 Tax season is finally here. Many of you already completed your tax returns and many are still working on them, including me. Gosh, life used to be so simple when I didn’t own a business and only had W-2 income!...

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14 Mar 2017 Time to Give It Away

Have you looked at the holdings in your individual or joint brokerage accounts lately? Do you see lots of gains as you look through the portfolio of your taxable accounts? Would you like to avoid recognizing those capital gains and save on your taxes too?...

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14 Mar 2017 The No-Drama Approach to Personal Finance

Our daily lives are constantly bombarded with drama, courtesy of the media. Drama, in headlines, stories and videos, gets attention and helps content creators get their message across in a cluttered media landscape. As a financial blogger, I confess that I’ve attempted to do that, too,...

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