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12 Jun 2017 Is Travel Worth It?

Travel can be expensive, can’t it? Just go online to or some similar website and see what it costs to visit Niagara Falls, NY if you live in Southern California. Or even travel to Orvieto, Italy where I’m writing this blog now from Las...

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06 Jun 2017 My Top 7 Travel Mistakes

June is a good month to plan travel at the last minute. For me, I’m usually planning summer travel around the Christmas holidays. Making plans at the last minute offers you the benefit of seeing last minute flight and hotel promotions, but it can lead...

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30 May 2017 International travel tips

· Obtain or renew your passport way in advance. At least three months in advance. · Obtain or confirm that the two credit cards you will take with you do not charge currency transaction fees....

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10 May 2017 Doing the Flip: Saver to Retirement Spender

One of the biggest transitions in life is to go from worker to retiree, or from saver to spender (call it decumulation or spend downer if you like). Today I’m addressing an issue faced by those who have managed to save through most or all...

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