29 Jun 2017 Back Up Those Travel Photos

As a frequent traveler and budding photographer, I face the same challenge most tourists do by taking lots of digital snapshots because the cost is almost nothing (that is called a sunk cost and don’t ask me how much was sunk)....

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27 Jun 2017 The Vacation is Over! Now what?

The Vacation is over! Now what? You’ve spent countless days waking up late, binge-watching favorite TV shows (which, for some of us, is a way to disconnect), soaked up a lot of sun at the beach or perhaps you had a more active trip and visited...

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22 Jun 2017 The 7 Best Tips for Travel

Recently I wrote about the 7 biggest mistakes I’m made during travel, mostly international, but not exclusively. This episode will cover the best decisions, in my humble opinion, that I’ve made that greatly contributed to a fun and exciting travel experience and the lack bad...

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