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10 May 2017 Doing the Flip: Saver to Retirement Spender

One of the biggest transitions in life is to go from worker to retiree, or from saver to spender (call it decumulation or spend downer if you like). Today I’m addressing an issue faced by those who have managed to save through most or all...

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04 May 2017 Helping Incapacitated Loved Ones

Recently, I’ve been helping two relatives since I’m the family member closest to them with both financial skills and healthcare experience (retired hospital administrator married to a retired nurse). Both relatives exhibit signs of incapacity with diminished functioning on some level. So now I must...

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02 May 2017 3 Money Tips for a New Graduate

Spring is my favorite time of the year. We become more active with outside activities, start to travel and of course our expenditures increase. The month of May also means graduations and new beginnings for many young adults. I want to share with you the...

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26 Apr 2017 Financial Detox

I am sure when you hear word “Detox,” you automatically think of diet and cleansing your body and mind. No argument here. All of these are practices are very much needed. However, today I would like to focus on our finances. Guess what? Your money...

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