Starting, Growing a Family

27 Feb 2017 Loving Your Elderly Parents

We recently interviewed Mr. Farr on our YouTube video series, Swim with Jim, where he told us about adult children who love their parents and want the best for them, coming to see him for advice and counsel. These elderly parents may not have planned...

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26 Jan 2017 Dow Hits 20,000: Now What?

Hey folks, it’s just a number. It has very little to do with your long-term investment plan. After all, it’s only 30 stocks that are mostly not industrial anymore. The media likes drama. In fact, other parts of our society like drama too. The purpose...

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04 Jan 2017 Wellness Time

It's the beginning of the year. Did you set any goals last year, or are you like most of us who have those good intentions, but they seem to be mostly gone by February? My job as a financial writer is to inspire and educate...

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