14 Mar 2017 The No-Drama Approach to Personal Finance

Our daily lives are constantly bombarded with drama, courtesy of the media. Drama, in headlines, stories and videos, gets attention and helps content creators get their message across in a cluttered media landscape. As a financial blogger, I confess that I’ve attempted to do that, too,...

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07 Feb 2017 Love means My Will is Up to Date

Having worked for two bank trust departments and observed so many complex problems created by the lack of a will, I have always urged clients, friends, and family members to keep their estate planning documents up to date. Those documents include a will, durable power...

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04 Jan 2017 Wellness Time

It's the beginning of the year. Did you set any goals last year, or are you like most of us who have those good intentions, but they seem to be mostly gone by February? My job as a financial writer is to inspire and educate...

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