Vida Jatulis, CFP®

Financial Planner
Vida Jatulis

Vida joined our MainStreet Financial Planning team in 2022. She utilizes her life and work experiences to help clients develop an action plan for a vibrant and healthy financial life. Vida is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with a Master of Science degree in Investments and over 15 years of experience as a Financial Planner, Wealth Advisor, Pension Consultant, Trust Officer, and Portfolio Manager. In addition, Vida has personal experience with struggling and succeeding to reach milestones such as purchasing a home, putting kids through private school, saving for college, achieving debt free status, saving for retirement, raising a family on a single income and much more.

Helping people is what makes Vida happy. In high school she wanted to be a nurse and graduated with a nursing scholarship, but she realized that she didn’t like blood and guts…so she had to pivot. Vida saw her parents always worry about cash, that is why she decided to study investing instead so she could help people with their finances. Now she likes to think of herself as your money nurse. Money, much like health, can be confusing and complex. Vida helps clients understand their financial vital signs and works with them to improve these measurements so they can achieve their goals.

Volunteering is a strong part of Vida’s commitment to helping people. She is a pro bono planner to people in need of financial advice who cannot afford it. She also is an ambassador for Mainsprings, a nonprofit that provides shelter, health care and education to orphan girls in Tanzania, Africa.

In her free time, Vida enjoys snowshoeing, skiing, paddle boarding, cycling and hiking with her husband and two sons. She also loves to cook and dreams of one day owning a Food Truck as a side hustle.