Jennifer Bush, CFP®

Financial Planner
Jennifer Bush

As a child, I was drawn to the world of finance, captivated by being the banker and in charge of the money in Monopoly.  Pursuing that dream, I embarked on the path to becoming an accountant. However, life had other plans, leading me down a different road—one that I now embrace with enthusiasm and purpose!

Today, my focus is on guiding clients through the pivotal transition into retirement, ensuring they navigate this significant phase with confidence and clarity. I take pride in unraveling the complexities of financial management, helping clients orchestrate their post-retirement cash flow, and crafting actionable plans to support their early retirement years.

With a holistic approach, I delve into the nuances of Social Security optimization, Medicare enrollment strategies, tax planning tactics, and the intricacies of Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs). I offer counsel on thoughtful investment allocation, asset protection, and comprehensive estate planning, providing a roadmap tailored to each client’s unique circumstances.

My journey into financial services spans back to 2006, encompassing roles in wealth management, employee benefits, and financial education. I am passionate about simplifying the complexities of finance and thrive on guiding clients towards financial wellness.

I have a special dedication to Solo Agers and empowering women navigating life transitions, drawing from my own journey of resilience after unexpectedly becoming divorced and a single mom in 2010. Through diligence and prudent financial management, I achieved the milestone of purchasing my own condo in 2021!

When not working, I enjoy nature walks, biking, learning about health and nutrition, painting, sewing, and spending time with my daughter and two kitties.