Jennifer Bush, CFP®

Financial Planner
Jennifer Bush

Jennifer joined the Mainstreet Financial Planning team in 2021. Her role is that of an independent, trusted financial advisor, coach, and mentor.

Jennifer has a background of over 15 years working in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Mainstreet, she worked 13 years for a wealth management firm helping to develop, create, and implement financial planning strategies for clients. Before that, she was a consultant and educator in the area of financial related employee benefits for SF bay area companies and their employees.

Jennifer has always been great with numbers and finances. Budgeting, paying off debt and balancing her checkbook came naturally. She loved being the “banker” when she played Monopoly so she thought she would be a perfect accountant. After getting her Accounting degree from California State University Hayward, and working in corporate finance, she felt bored and missed the “personal” side of finances. She went back to school to study personal finance classes and got her CFP(R) marks in 2009.

Becoming a single mom in 2010 was unexpected and difficult, but she survived by being resourceful and smart about her money. By working hard, spending wisely, and being a diligent saver, she was able to buy and move into her own condo in 2021.

Jennifer has a passion for bringing clarity and simplification to complex financial situations. She loves coaching her clients towards financial wellness and welcomes the opportunity to dig deep to resolve issues. She has a special interest in helping empower women (especially those recently widowed or divorced, and single moms) to re-group and thrive after these difficult life transitions.

When not working, Jennifer enjoys nature walks, learning about health and nutrition, painting, sewing, collecting houseplants, and spending time with her daughter.