Investment & Asset Management

As a financial planner and investment consultant, we believe in the following fundamental principles with regard to designing a portfolio:


  • Purpose: The purpose of a client’s investment portfolio is to fund current and/or future financial objectives. In short, to achieve a goal or goals.
  • Design: The design of the portfolio must take into account the client’s financial objectives, tolerance for risk, time horizon, income needs, liquidity needs, and special considerations such as income and estate taxes.
  • Allocation: The appropriate allocation of investment assets for your goals and risk tolerance is the most important component in developing an investment portfolio. We believe that having a diversified, well-balanced portfolio, following long-term buy-and-hold strategies, and having patience will increase the likelihood that you will achieve your long-term financial objectives.
  • Results: No one can predict the future. Investment and economic experts provided with the same information often come to different conclusions. We do not suggest that we can, or that any of the money or mutual fund managers that we recommend, will make the correct decision every time. We do believe, however, that studying the historic trends and relationships of investment classes and the philosophies and approaches of successful investment managers can provide valuable insight.


Our process to help you reach your financial goals

Initial Inquiry

Fill out our questionnaire

Initial Meeting

View sample plan, fee estimate, collect documents and deposit

Goals Session

Review of spending and cash flow and set financial goals

Interactive Session

Review work in progress via phone, Skype or online desktop sharing

Presentation Session

Provide recommendations and implementation advice, plus follow-up advice

Monitoring & Follow up

6-month checkup, implementation support


*Normal complexity