Money Roadmap

Your Roadmap to Financial Success Starts Here

We have been in the financial planning profession for the past several decades. What we continually find is that people we speak to struggle to make (and stick to!) a financial plan. Financial plans are often looked at as too strict, and a little intimidating. Enter: our Money Roadmap!


Our Money Roadmap goes beyond a traditional financial plan. We believe that your Money Roadmap needs to help you get from where you are to where you want to go – and the “plan” may need to adjust along the way!


We know that it can be tough to know how to get from Point A to Point B when it comes to your money. When you partner with our expert financial planners, they help you stay the course to put you on the path to achieve your financial goals.


Your Money Roadmap is completely interactive, meaning you’ll have access to an online portal where you can view your Roadmap at any time.


When your Money Roadmap is complete, you’ll move to our Navigation Support service where you’ll receive ongoing guidance and feedback as your plan shifts to match your goals over time.

Our Money Roadmap is designed to empower you to get organized,
take control of your finances, and start achieving your goals.

MSFP Money Road Map

How our Money Roadmap process works

Get To Know YOU

Before you embark on your trip, it’s important to know where you’re going! We discuss your detailed questionnaire, get organized, collect financial documents, and start looking at what a potential Money Roadmap might look like for you. This initial session requires a questionnaire and a $100 deposit that goes to the total cost of your Money Roadmap when you move forward to Step 2!

Getting to know you
Design Money Roadmap

Design Money Roadmap

The next step on our journey is a series of sessions designed to discuss where you’re going, identify your financial goals, and figure out how you will get to your destination. Together we will map out your exact plan to help you reach targets. Your Money Roadmap will cover everything that’s important to your financial life, including cash flow, insurance coverage, retirement planning, education savings, debt repayment, savings goals, investing – and more!

Launch Money Roadmap

This is where things start to get exciting – where the rubber meets the road! Once your customized Money Roadmap has been created, you’ll meet with your advisor to launch your journey. They’ll walk you through your Money Roadmap, and help you get started implementing it right away.

Launch Roadmap
Partner Navigator

Partner With Your Money Navigator

With our Navigation Support Program, you’ll partner with your Money Navigator regularly to check in and adjust your Roadmap in real time, to update your new goals, receive accountability to stay on track and celebrate milestones and achievements.


Your Money Roadmap is a comprehensive financial plan that includes:


  • Clarity around actionable steps to achieve financial goals
  • 3-5 scheduled online/in-person planning sessions to complete the initial plan
  • A detailed summary of recommendations including financial goals, saving, investing, and more.
  • Action steps and assistance to implement initial recommendations
  • 2 and 6-month check-in sessions
  • Online portal access an interactive financial plan
  • Advisor Hotline – access to your advisor via e-mail/portal to answer questions and address challenges
  • Monthly Educational Webinars
  • One-year subscription to Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine

Are you ready to feel confident in your financial journey?