Client Referral Program

MainStreet offers a new Client Referral Program in partnership with TisBest. TisBest Philanthropy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging others to give gifts of good, rather than gifts of stuff.

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Serving clients since 2002, MainStreet owes a large part of its success to its numerous customer referrals: mostly from clients and former clients. We love these referrals because it’s another way we know we’ve served you well! We also get plenty of referrals from our business contacts: wealth managers, CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals who we partner with to help our clients make smart financial decisions.


It’s been a challenge to properly thank folks who provide those referrals: a gift in exchange for a referral could be considered “compensation”, which could trigger an SEC requirement for the gift recipient to register as a solicitor of MainStreet! This referral program through TisBest gives us the opportunity to say Thank You without running afoul of those requirements.

How it Works

  1. Refer a potential client to MainStreet by having that person e-mail us at or complete our Get Started Form. In the Get Started Form, make sure the referral includes your name in the How did you hear about us? section of the form.
  2. If the referral becomes a MainStreet client, you will receive a $25 TisBest gift card to spend on the charity of your choice at TisBest. MainStreet will e-mail you the TisBest gift card at the end of the month.
  3. The gift card recipient can spend that gift card on over 1.5 million charities on TisBest. You browse through TisBest’s Featured Charities or use their search function to find charities you wish to support!

The Fine Print

  1. Tax Deductions: gift cards are purchased by MainStreet from TisBest. The person/company who buys the gift card gets the opportunity for a tax deduction. The person spending a gift card is not entitled to a tax deduction. This helps MainStreet and the referrer stay on the right side of Solicitor Rules and Regulations.
  2. TisBest gift cards do not expire.
  3. In order for a referrer to be eligible for a gift card, the future client should include the referral name on the Get Started Form submission or let the Advisor know the name and contact information of the referrer.


Learn more about TisBest.