About Mainstreet

Our Story

MainStreet Financial Planning, Inc., an independent fee-only financial planning firm, was founded in Maryland in 2002 by Jim Ludwick, CFP® who passionately believed that financial planning advice should be accessible to people from all walks of life without product sales and investment management services.


In 2006 Anna Sergunina, CFP® joined the team and together they grew MainStreet Financial to a nationally recognized company, with a team of 6 staff members and 5 offices across the country.


In December of 2013, Jim Ludwick & Anna Sergunina executed a succession plan and Anna became the first Garrett Planning Network Advisor to successfully purchase 100% of a mature practice. Her long-term goal is to grow MainStreet into a household brand for financial planning.


The work that we do is highly rewarding on both a personal and professional levels. Our goals at MainStreet are for all of our team members to be challenged, to grow, and to utilize their strengths, abilities and talents to reach their highest potential.

Our Values

Fiduciary to our clients. Accountable to our teammates.

We work hard to make a difference in our clients’ lives.

We achieve excellence when we work together. We serve clients as a team.

For the business and for ourselves as individuals.

For our employees and to serve our clients when they need us.

Learn about how we apply our values through the work we do.