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Ramp up your financial plan
  • Organize

    Take charge of your spending, taxes, and financial records.

  • Update

    Review financial goals, retirement, and beneficiaries.

  • Review

    Assess your debt, savings, and insurance options.

  • Plan

    Year-end planning and execution on next year.

$2,300 per year for an individual
$3,000 per year for a couple

* $800 fee if we haven’t met with you in over 2 years.

Stay on track

  • Areas Where We Help

  • Spending/Budgeting
  • Retirement Planning
  • Debt Management
  • Healthcare/Employee Benefit Plans
  • Life Insurance & Disability

  • Property/Casualty Insurance
  • College Savings
  • Identity Theft/Credit Scores
  • Asset Allocation
  • Tax Analysis (year-end, savings, etc.)

  • Features

  • Two online sessions to review your financial plan
  • Status updates on financial goals and action steps (Accountability & Monitoring)

  • Weekly newsletters with valuable content
  • Advisor Hotline – regular access to your advisor via e-mail once a month

  • Benefits

  • Access to your advisory team
  • Clear picture of your finances to give you confidence and peace of mind
  • Accountability & monitoring to help measure success and progress

  • Monthly coverage of important topics
  • Financial empowerment for you and your family
  • Improved communication around money